Pallet Rack Accessories


There are many options to accessorize and upgrade your pallet rack system.  These accessories range from products to improve work flow, material handling and safety of your facility.

Common components of selective rack include:

  • Splice Plates
  • Drum Cradles
  • Skid Channels
  • Cross Aisle Ties

Pallet Supports

Pallet safety supports help assure load balance and prevent misplaced pallets from falling between the beams. Pallet support bars are simple, inexpensive and provide an excellent cost effective... read more »

Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Decking
Wire mesh decking provides a strong and durable deck to store your products on. It is less expensive and stronger than wood decking, allows for better lighting and ventilation in the workplace,... read more »

Row Spacers

Row Spacers and Wall Ties keep your racking system aligned and add to the system's rigidity by connecting your back to back rows together. By tying your rack sections together or to the wall, this... read more »

Post Protectors

Post protectors are an inexpensive yet valuable accessory available to protect your pallet rack upright frames from impact damage caused by forklifts and pallet jacks. read more »

Guide Rail & Entries

In Very Narrow Aisle or VNA storage systems, pallet racking is laid out in a much tighter configuration leaving very little space for error when travelling down the aisle with a reach truck. Impacts... read more »
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