Pallet safety supports help assure load balance and prevent misplaced pallets from falling between the beams. Pallet support bars are simple, inexpensive and provide an excellent cost effective safety solution for your facility.

Pallet supports come in various styles including:

  • Drop In
  • Drop Over
  • Snap In (for slotted beams)
  • Bolt-In (for Structural beams)

Available Used Pallet Supports

Rack DepthInside Dims.Qty.TypeNotes
24"20-1/4"30Drop OverGalvanized
36"32-1/4"526Drop Over
36"32-5/8"1,574Drop-In Hats
42"41-1/2"680Bolt-InFor 5" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"1,230Bolt-InFor 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"1,352Bolt-InFor 3" / 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"2.090Bolt-InFor 3" / 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"250Bolt-InFor 3" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"2,800Bolt-Infor 3" or 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"250Bolt-Infor 3" Channel
42"39"878Drop InCompatible with Inverted 3" Channel Beams
42"38-1/2"474Drop OverOrange
42"38-1/2"322Drop OverSilver
42"38-1/2"48Drop Overfor 3/4" Step Beams
42"38-1/4"1,350Drop-In HatsSilver
42"38-1/4"400Drop-In Roll FormedOrange
42"38" to 38-5/8"400Snap-InFor Slotted Beams
44"43-1/2"160Bolt-InFor 4" Channel Beams
44"40-5/8"400Drop-Infor 3/4" Step Beams
44"40-5/8"400Drop-In Hats
48"47-1/2"160Bolt-InFor 3" Channel Beams