FOB: Edison, NJ

976ea100″xC3″ Structural Beams
126ea20’x42″x3″x2-1/2″ Teardrop Frames
279ea18′-21’x42″x3″x1-5/8″ Interlake Frames
96ea16’x44″x3″x1-5/8″ SturdiBilt Frames
230ea96″x4″ SturdiBilt Box Beams
320ea96″x3″ SturdiBilt Box Beams
608ea7′-4″ to 10′ x 48″ Teardrop Frames
600ea8′-7″ to 10′ x 44″ Teardrop Frames
134ea144×5″ Interlake Beams
156ea144″x4″ Teardrop Beams
646ea102″x3-1/2″ Interlake Beams
830ea96″x4-1/4″ Teardrop Beams (Unarco)
406ea96″x4″ Interlake Beams
907ea96″xC3″ Structural Beams
780ea96″x3″ Interlake Beams, Box Beam
476ea96″x3-1/2″ Teardrop Beams, 1-5/8″ Step
2,375ea95″x2-3/4″ Interlake Beams
460ea96″x3″ Teardrop Beams, 3/4″ Step
2,375ea95″x2-3/4″ Interlake Beams, 3/4″ Step
2,268ea90″x4″ Teardrop Beams
270ea90″x3-5/8″-4″ Interlake Beams
200ea87″x3″ Teardrop Beams
150ea48″x3″ Interlake Beams

Wire Decks

1,528ea48″x46″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels 1-5/8″ Step
680ea48″x46″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels Flared Channel
4,132ea48″x35″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels 1-5/8″ Step
670ea44″x46″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels 1-5/8″ Step
800ea44″x46″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels 3/4″ Step GALVANIZED
180ea42″x52″ Wire Mesh Deck Panels 1-5/8″ Step

Items in quantity are listed above. Additional components and brand styles are available in smaller quantities.