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Rack DepthInside Dims.Qty.TypeNotes
48"47-1/2"120Bolt-InFor 3" Channel Beams
44"43-1/2"160Bolt-InFor 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"680Bolt-InFor 5" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"1,330Bolt-InFor 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"3858Bolt-InFor 3" / 4" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"100Bolt-InFor 3" Channel Beams
42"41-1/2"250Bolt-Infor 3" Channel
44"40"260Drop OverOrange
42"38-1/2"200Drop OverSilver
42"38-1/2"960Drop OverFor structural beams only
36"32-1/4"518Drop Over
24"20-1/4"30Drop OverGalvanized
42"38" to 38-5/8"400Snap-InFor Slotted Beams
44"40-5/8"1350Drop-In Hats
42"39"878Drop InCompatible with Inverted 3" Channel Beams
36"32-5/8"1,574Drop-In Hats